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Race Car Preparation

LynxAE, Unit 1, Hill View, Raunds Road, Chelveston, Wellingborough NN9 6AA

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Established 1986

Here at Lynx AE we are continually in the process of exploring new avenues and developing new products.
The following is a taste of the products we have developed.

LR750 Gnome Concept

We are currently working on a 750 Motor Club Formula 750 car to be called the LR750 Gnome in memory of Alan Hunt. The LR750 Gnome will run a FIAT FIRE engine and comply with the 750 Motor Club Formula 750 championship regulations. At present the 750 Gnome is in the concept stage although we have started to design the chassis which will take many ideas and parts from the extremely successful LR1 and LR1300 race cars. As you can see the car will be open top, it will be a single seater with a front / Mid mounted engine driving the rear wheels.

Mini R1 - Classic Mini bike engine conversion kit

Here at LynxAE we have been racing Mini's and putting motorbike engines in cars for many years now, in fact we started racing motorbikes in 1987 then moved to Minis in 1991 and in 1996 we fitted the first motorbike engine into the works Global Light race car. A previous conversion in an MG Miget showed the versatility and performance of the Yamaha R1 engine so, when we were approached by a customer to install a Yamaha R1 engine into the front of a Mini driving the front wheels, under strict instructions that there were to be no body modifications. It was a natural progression to put our extensive knowledge to use and design what we feel is the best Mini Yamaha R1 conversion kit money can buy.

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No body mods required.
Project car above has standard
front and inner wings still installed

Wolf in sheeps clothing

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2.4ltr V8 & Hewland gearbox fits neatly
into the chassis.

Based on the brilliant race proven technology of the LR1
the new LR1300 benefits from,

- All new body with dramatically improved aerodynamic efficiency.
- Larger AP brakes to reduce the breaking distances still further.
- Improved engine bay cooling.

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LR1300 body panels designed and manufactured by Lynx RC Ltd.
All rights reserved.

Prosport / LM3000 Gearbox and Engine Conversions
Hewland NLT gearbox conversion for Prosport now available.

This is a great conversion especially if you are thinking of upgrading the engine at a later date. The NLT is a 6 speed sequential transaxle that can handle upto 500 lb/ft = 69 kg/m.

We can also carry out Engine conversions on your Prosport 3000, such as Jaguar 4.0ltr V8 or Chevy LS7 V8 engine conversions.   Call for more details or ask a question.