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Established 1986

Bike Sports
The following are a list of parts that we stock that are suitable for 750 MC Bike Sports cars.

LynxAE body panels available

Closed top

Building your own car and are unsure about how to tackle the body, well we may have the answer for you.

LynxAE closed top £3500 +VAT
Front panel
Rear panel
2x doors
2x side pods

LynxAE open top £3000 +VAT
Front panel
Rear panel
Centre panel
2x side pods

Both body styles are supplied in GRP white gel coat.

Dimensions (mm) Width 1620 x Height 960 x Length 3450
Wheel Base approx. 2365 mm

Open top

Universal Chain driven Limited Slip Differential

Our universal chain driven limited slip differential has been specially designed for use in motorbike engined cars. This is the differential assembly that we use in our Mini R1 kit.
This is a fully sealed differential assembly and is supplied fully built, filled with high grade oil and ready to use.

The assembly features fill and drain holes for when you wish to replace the oil. There are also grease nipples that are used to grease the output flange bearings.

The sprocket supplied has 35 teeth.

The differential can be tuned to your requirments on request.

The differential plate pack runs on 8 active surfaces giving maximum surface area and contact during use.

The pre-load spacer allows torque to be preset to the required setting, giving infinite adjustment.

The differential comes with 2 sets ramp angles machined into the ramp blocks giving you the customer the choice of progression. Different ramps available on request as follows,

45/45, 40/90, 30/90, 50/90, 30/60, 35/35, 20/75, 30/30, 35/45, 40/60, 20/80.

The bevel and planet gear pack have been designed with a larger stronger tooth profile eliminating rattle and excessive back lash.

The output splines of the differential are for Mini pot points. We can supply hardy spicer type output flanges (as shown) if required

The dimensions of the differential assembly are as shown below,

Universal Limited Slip Differential assembly
(Photo courtesy of Matt Woods photography)

Hardy spicer output flange
Concept Racing Products

PH0007 - Bike Engine Header Tank.

1 litre, 2 x 6mm bleeds, 22.5mm outlet.

Allows the expansion that occurs with rising temperature and pressure within the cooling system, the Concept Racing Water Header Tank is also designed to eliminate unwanted air within the vehicles cooling system to achieve greater cooling efficiency

Reverse gear kit - Chain Driven cars & trikes

We have designed this kit for motor bike engine cars and trikes using a chain where a reverse gear is required in the MSA UK regulations.

This kit does not use any chains and drives direct onto the motor bike gearbox output. The kit utilises a specially developed reduction gear motor which means that the reverse gear works even with batteries with a low charge.

There are 2 different motors available as shown below. T
he reduction gear motor is available in clockwise or anti clockwise rotation.

Kit contents:

Standard capacity reverse gear motor (Clockwise)  
High capacity reverse gear motor (Clockwise)  
Reverse gear (mounts to gearbox output shaft) *

(Anticlockwise Reverse gear motor available for £25 extra charge)

Minimum battery requirement with charging system is a Red Top 30 or equivalent (Voltage: 12V Capacity: 27Ah)

Reverse gears available for:

Aprillia RSV 1000
Yamaha R1 (2000 > 2007)
Yamaha R1 - 2007>
Susuki Hayabusa 1300 (2000 > 2007)
Suzuki Hayabusa 1340 (2008>)
Suzuki Hayabusa 1340 (2011>)
Suzuki GSXR 1000
Kawasaki ZX6R

Kawasaki ZZR1100
Kawasaki ZZR1200
Kawasaki ZZR1400
Kawasaki ZX14
Honda Fireblade

If your engine is not listed then please call as we can make a kit for your engine at no extra cost.

* Reverse gear designed and manufactured by Lynx AE. All rights reserved (Copyright© pending)

Standard capacity motor

High capacity motor

LynxAE reverse gear fitted to Mike Fields Stohr
running a suzuki GSXR 1000
Reverse gear kit - Cars with a propshaft

We have designed this kit for Motorbike engine cars using a propshaft where a reverse gear is required in the RAC regulations.

This kit does not use any chains and drives direct. The kit utilises a reduction gear motor which means that the reverse gear works even with batteries with a very low charge. The reduction gear motor is available in clockwise or anti clockwise rotation. The motor drives a reverse gear plate which you mount at either the engine end or the differential end of the propshaft.

Kit contents:

Propshaft Reverse gear plate* 
Choice of,
Standard capacity reverse gear motor (Clockwise)
High capacity reverse gear motor (Clockwise)   

Please note : The Reverser gear plate is supplied in a diameter of your choice (typically 140 - 160mm) it has a small pilot hole in the centre. You will need to mount this plate either between your engine and propshaft or between your propshaft and differential.

(Anticlockwise Reverse gear motor available for £25 extra charge)

Since the mounting of he motor is specific to the vehicle the kit is being used in you will aslo need to fabricate the mounting of the motor yourselft.

* Reverse gear designed and manufactured by Lynx AE. All rights reserved (Copyright© pending)

Propshaft reverse gear kit fitted in a
Yamaha R1 powered ADR
POLESTAR HS Engine management systems

POLESTAR Systems manufacturer low cost but high performance race ignition management and fuel injection systems. These systems were originally designed and developed for use with the Mini A-Series engine but are now used on a wide range on engines and configurations.

Our customer's cars include many race and road-going Mini's some turbocharged and supercharged. They also include many front running cars in the 750 MC championships and other race formulae.

POLESTAR Systems has been building race ignition management systems since the early '90s. The original POLESTAR 1 powered both Stuart Drake and Peter Baldwin to 1st and 2nd respectively in the 1997 National Mini Migla Championship. More recently they have had many race wins in the 750 MC Championship races.

The POLESTAR HS is a new Engine Managment System (ECU) from POLESTAR. It is a low cost yet highly sophisticated system, ranging from the basic 2D Ignition Only System up to the full 3D Turbo Fuel Injection System.

- Support for up to 8 cylinders. Can also run in single coil mode retaining the distributor for spark distribution. Ideal for historic formula cars where distributor has to be retained. Support for up to 8 cylinders with batch injection or full 4 cylinder sequential injection. Can operate in 'semi-sequential' mode supporting A-Series 5 port engine with 2 injectors (injection only).

- Direct crankshaft trigger via standard 36-1 trigger wheel, or original POLESTAR style trigger wheel.

- Timing adjusted with 8 load sites at every 500 rpm from 0-15000rpm with full interpolation between sites.

- Integral 'smooth-cut' rev limiter.

- Sequential twin-point fuel injection (injection only).

- Supports output from Innovate LC-1 lambda sensor controller giving full closed loop fuelling and mapping (ignition only).

- Additional outputs for driving cooling fan, fuel pump and idle air valve.

- Simple mapping software for MS Windows.

- Optional Turbo package with 'Boost Retard' feature including integral 1.5bar MAP sensor internal to the ECU.

POLESTAR HS is available in a number of configurations as follows,

POLSTAR HS Ignition Only System
POLESTAR HS Turbo Management System
POLESTAR HS Fuel Injection System
POLESTAR HS Turbo Fuel Injection System

Suzuki GSXR Hayabusa Fully Programmable ECU Kit

This kit was designed for use of on a standard Hayabusa but is also suitable for a tuned engine. The kit is a direct replacement for the standard ECU and loom and uses all the standard sensors. Easy to fit and is fully programmable.

Suzuki GSXR 1300 cc Hayabusa Kit consists of:

    - MBE992 ECU
   - LM992E-GSXR-M-OMS wiring harness
ECU & Loom total price :

Suzuki GSXR Hayabusa Taper Throttle Bodies
A new design of tapered throttle body kit wit 48mm butterflies especially for the hayabusa engine, which in tests has shown an increase of approx. 5bhp over the standard busa throttle body. This kit comprises of throttle bodies, connecting levers, fuel rail & fixings.
The air horns are sold as a separate part as the length required is dependent on your engine specification.


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Prices and product specification may vary without notice.