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Ignition system
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POLESTAR HS Engine management systems

POLESTAR Systems manufacturer low cost but high performance race ignition management and fuel injection systems. These systems were originally designed and developed for use with the Mini A-Series engine but are now used on a wide range on engines and configurations.

Our customer's cars include many race and road-going Mini's some turbocharged and supercharged. They also include many front running cars in the 750 MC championships and other race formulae.

POLESTAR Systems has been building race ignition management systems since the early '90s. The original POLESTAR 1 powered both Stuart Drake and Peter Baldwin to 1st and 2nd respectively in the 1997 National Mini Migla Championship. More recently they have had many race wins in the 750 MC Championship races.

The POLESTAR HS is a new Engine Managment System (ECU) from POLESTAR. It is a low cost yet highly sophisticated system, ranging from the basic 2D Ignition Only System up to the full 3D Turbo Fuel Injection System.

- Support for up to 8 cylinders. Can also run in single coil mode retaining the distributor for spark distribution. Ideal for historic formula cars where distributor has to be retained. Support for up to 8 cylinders with batch injection or full 4 cylinder sequential injection. Can operate in 'semi-sequential' mode supporting A-Series 5 port engine with 2 injectors (injection only).

- Direct crankshaft trigger via standard 36-1 trigger wheel, or original POLESTAR style trigger wheel.

- Timing adjusted with 8 load sites at every 500 rpm from 0-15000rpm with full interpolation between sites.

- Integral 'smooth-cut' rev limiter.

- Sequential twin-point fuel injection (injection only).

- Supports output from Innovate LC-1 lambda sensor controller giving full closed loop fuelling and mapping (ignition only).

- Additional outputs for driving cooling fan, fuel pump and idle air valve.

- Simple mapping software for MS Windows.

- Optional Turbo package with 'Boost Retard' feature including integral 1.5bar MAP sensor internal to the ECU.

POLESTAR HS is available in a number of configurations as follows,

POLSTAR HS Ignition Only System
POLESTAR HS Turbo Management System
POLESTAR HS Fuel Injection System
POLESTAR HS Turbo Fuel Injection System

Suzuki GSXR Hayabusa Fully Programable ECU Kit

This kit was designed for use of on a standard Hayabusa but is also suitable for a tuned engine. The kit is a direct replacement for the standard ECU and loom and uses all the standard sensors. Easy to fit and is fully programmable.

Suzuki GSXR 1300 cc Hayabusa Kit consists of:

- MBE992 ECU
- LM992E-GSXR-M-OMS wiring harness
Total kit price

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Multi tooth ignition disc for MBE ignition module
£40 each

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