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Race Car Preparation

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Established 1986


Our range of race proven light and compact Race Alternators allow you to save weight and increase electrical output and reliability. Their compact size also means that you can mount them where space is limited.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight (from 2.5kg)
  • High output
  • Choice of pulley

  • Quality guaranteed - Every alternator is produced and rigorously tested to BSI ISO 9002 standards.

Universal Race, Vehicle Specific Race
These are small lightweight and efficient race developee alternators and are our best selling alternator due to their small size and weight.

Efficient High output & 'KERS'.
Super efficient alternators and compact units that offer the best power / weight ratio available and at a far lower rpm than alternatives due to their patented efficient design which enables them to offer up to 80% of their maximum output @ avergae idle speeds catering for the large electrical loads usually found at this time.

These are designed to be direct repalcements for OE alternators and combine our race developed performance and ease of fitment.