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Suzuki GSXR Hayabusa Fully Programable ECU Kit

This kit was designed for use of on a standard Hayabusa but is also suitable for a tuned engine. The kit is a direct replacement for the standard ECU and loom and uses all the standard sensors. Easy to fit and is fully programmable.

Suzuki GSXR 1300 cc Hayabusa Kit consists of:


- MBE992 ECU
- LM992E-GSXR-M-OMS wiring harness

Total kit price



Suzuki GSXR Hayabusa Taper Throttle Bodies
A new design of tapered throttle body kit wit 48mm butterflys especially for the hayabusa engine, which in tests has shown an increase of approx 5bhp over the standard busa throttle body. This kit comprises of throttle bodies, connecting levers, fuel rail & fixings.
The air horns are sold as a separate part as the length required is dependant on your engine specification.

Brake 'n' Bolt Kits
A brilliant idea made simple, packaged to contain everything needed for a cosmetic upgrade for your bike's bolts, and a genuine performance upgrade for braking.

Available for all type of bikes. Click on image for more details.

Click to find the kit for your bike.

£100 - £500

Cap washers - Tidy Up those rusty nuts and bolt heads. The anodised cap is pushed over the bolt.

Cup washers - Used to sleeve the outside of a stainless or alloy allen bolt.

Alloy plug lead separators - Used for keeping plug leads tidy.

Alloy hose separators - Used for keeping your brake, fuel, oil and water lines tidy.

Colours available: Red, blue, gold, silver, black, purple.

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