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Established 1986


Peter Bove - UK
It has been another outstanding year with 6 wins from 12 races so far, despite missing one race and having a mechanical retirement when the engine cut out in another whil I was leading. This means that I cannot now be beaten for this year's championship.
This is now the third straight year that I've won the 750 Formula championship which is a record (a number have won it in two consecutive years, but no-one else has won it three years in a row). Next year I'm looking to do something else, probably to run the ADR in 750 Formula just to do something different. Many thanks for your help again this year, the engine work to help adapt to the new cam was invaluable and, as ever, your enthusiasm and support have been key to my success.
Ian Allen - UK
Just a few words of thanks for all of your innovative help and assistance that has helped me secure the Formula 750 Class B championship through 2006 and 2007. I am happy to recommend your services to all at the 750 MC, trouble is, everyone that sees you ends up going faster.
Rik van der Vossen - Netherlands
Reverse gear for Yamaha R1
Never had a better supplier for parts, hopefullly we can do more business in the future and I will certainly recommend you guys!
Christof Hirschi - Switzerland
Reverse gear for ZZR1400
Got the parcel this morning. That was quick!
Very nice items, thank you very much.