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Motorsport Lynx specialises in providing the services of a 4 x Wheel Drive Rolling Road and 4 Wheel Alignment using state of the art MAHAH and Hunter technology equipment to race teams, drivers and car track day enthusiasts. We also provide a range of essential motorsport parts to include alternators, starter motors, ECU equipment and engine/gear box components.

Motorsport Lynx has been set up by Nanette Houston, who is no stranger to the motorsport industry having worked at Silverstone and Rockingham for more than two decades. With 25 years experience, Nanette has earned recognition for her professionalism within the industry working with teams and racing drivers from grass roots through to Formula-1.

LynxAE will be working closely with Motorsport Lynx to provide technical support, which is headed up by Jon Lee. With over 30 years motorsport experience Jon has raced in various championships and successfully designed and built his own prototype cars. He is experienced in race car preparation and has owned his Rolling Road business for more than 25 years.

Jaguar XJ8 Super Saloon

New to the LynXAE stable and currently being restored is the Jaguar XJ8 Super Saloon built and raced by Tony Hazlewood.

On 20th June 1978, this car driven by Rosemary Smith broke the Irish landspeed record in Cork as part of a bet with biker Danny Keany. Rosemary drove the Jaguar with an American V8 engine and clocked 178mph. ‘I went from 0-60 in a flash and I was driving over a ridged concrete road which kept jiggling my helmet over my eyes so I had one hand keeping that up and the other on the wheel’. However, a few moments later, her record was broken when Keany reached 204mph on his 750cc Yamaha motorcycle.


Prosport 3700

We tested our Prosport 3700 at Silverstione on 6th July 2020 and it is running great. There are a few minor teething issues to sort out but on the whole we were very pleased.

This car is based on a Prosport 3000 (LM3000) and is running a Ford Motorsport 3.7L V6, It is fitted with a Polestar Systems ECU controlling ignition timing, Fuel injection and VVT.


Super Finishing

It is proven that the reduction of fiction on car parts will increase performance. Our super finishing machine has the capacity to hold up to 40 small parts eg: gearbox clusters per session. Our 48 hours turnaround service will provide you with a long term solution to reduce drag.

Cost varies depending on size and quantity of parts per session please phone for further information.

TRS Motorsport Equipment

We are pleased to announce that we are now agents for TRS Motorsport Equipment. This means we can now supply an extensive range of race safety harnesses.

Suspension setup - 4 wheel alignment equipment upgrade

We have now completed the installation of our all new Hunter 4 wheel alignment equipment and Maha alignment ramp.

Call 07766 553252 to make a booking

Lola T70

4 wheel drive rolling road

With 25 years experience we can offer full rolling road tuning for motorbikes and 2 and 4 wheel drive cars with more than 1000bhp on ouyr MAHA 4 wheel drive rolling road. Our rolling road dyno is digitized and interfaced to a computer which allows 'live time' data logging of BHP, Road Speed, Engine water temperature, Lambda meaning that your engine can be setup accurately. We also correct for changes in barometric pressure, final drive ratio and drive train type.

All customers receive a computer print out of bhp, both at flywheel and at wheels.

When mapping an ECU the rolling road can be set to hold any rpm/speed specified. The bhp is displayed in 'real time' on a large display and is recorded into a computer. Changes made can be observed as they are implemented. We can see 1/2 bhp change.

We can also do inertia power runs depending on what meets your requirements.

Call 07766 553252 to make a booking or email us at

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LR750 Gnome - Formula 750  

We are currently working on a 750 Motor Club Formula 750 car to be called the LR750 Gnome in memory of Alan Hunt. The LR750 Gnome will run a FIAT FIRE engine and comply with the 750 Motor Club Formula 750 championship regulations.

Latest news is that the engine is now running and producing good horse power. We have now also fitted the body panel. We hope to be testing soon more...


POLESTAR HS Engine management systems

POLESTAR Systems manufacturer low cost but high performance race ignition management and fuel injection systems. These systems were originally designed and developed for use with the Mini A-Series engine but are now used on a wide range on engines and configurations.

Our customer's cars include many race and road-going Mini's some turbocharged and supercharged. They also include many front running cars in the 750 MC championships and other race formulae.

POLESTAR Systems has been building race ignition management systems since the early '90s. The original POLESTAR 1 powered both Stuart Drake and Peter Baldwin to 1st and 2nd respectively in the 1997 National Mini Migla Championship. More recently they have had many race wins in the 750 MC Championship races.

POLESTAR HS is a new Engine Managment System (ECU) from POLESTAR. It is a low cost yet highly sophisticated system, ranging from the basic 2D Ignition Only System up to the full 3D Turbo Fuel Injection System. More information.

POLESTAR HS Engine management systems - Bluetooth comming soon

Polestar ECU soon to have a Bluetooth connection and existing USB cable connection. It will be posible to use either connection method for even easier mapping. More information.

Electric reverse gear kits

Electric reverse gear designed for motorbike engine chain driven cars and trikes.

Aprillia RSV 1000
Yamaha R1 (2000 > 2007)
Yamaha R1 - 2007>
Susuki Hayabusa 1300 (2000 > 2007)
Suzuki Hayabusa 1340 (2008>)
Suzuki Hayabusa 1340 (2011>)
Suzuki GSXR 1000
Kawasaki ZX6R
Kawasaki ZZR1100
Kawasaki ZZR1200
Kawasaki ZZR1400
Kawasaki ZX14
Honda Fireblade

Propshaft version also available
more details...

Reverse gears designed and manufactured by Lynx AE. All rights reserved (
Copyright© pending)

Reduction Gear Starter Motors

Let us solve your starting problems,

  • Lightweight
  • More cranking torque.
  • 50% less than conventional starter

Reduction gear starter motors more details...

Our range of small light weight race alternators is bigger & better than ever

Alternators more details...
Race alternators
more details...
50amp Race Alternator - Smallest alternator on the market more details...
Also available in chrome.

Dynators and Dynamos

We can now offer a range of traditional Dynamos and 'Dynators'.

Dynators alternators in dynamo casings. These are specially designed for the classic enthusiast who wants the benefits of an alternator with the looks of the classic dynamo
more details

Fastest steel bodied normally aspirated Mini in the world Brands Hatch 2016.

Big well done to Jon Lee for a great drive from start to finish. Jon drove impressively from start to finish which proved the performance of our Mini R1 conversion amongst much more powerful supercharged / turbo charged or space frame machinery to be the fastest steel bodied normally aspirated Mini in the world 2016 at Brands Hatch.

Yet again our R1 conversion kit proved itself by running faultlessly all weekend.

LynxAE body panels available

Closed top

Building your own car and are unsure about how to tackle the body, well we may have the answer for you.

LynxAE closed top £3500 +VAT
Front panel
Rear panel
2x doors
2x side pods

LynxAE open top £3000 +VAT
Front panel
Rear panel
Centre panel
2x side pods

Both body styles are supplied in GRP white gel coat.

Open top

Looking for somewhere to race your classic Mini or classic Mini silhouette

Click on image to enlarge

Facebook group : Classic Mini Racing - anything goes

If you have a Classic Mini (1959 - 2000) or a Classic Mini silhouette with any engine combination front or rear wheel drive including motorbike engines and would like to go racing then you have come to the right place. We (LynxAE) are working on trying to create a race series where any Classic Mini or Classic Mini silhouette can go racing.


Mini Magazine Dec 2014 issue 233 - How to Tech article on LynxAE Mini R1 swap

Mini magazine Nov 2014 issue 232

Lynx AE's Yamaha R1-engine kit looks to bring a whole new breed of budding racers onto the scene with a cost-effective complement to the high-end A-series Mini Miglias.

Thanks to: Jon would like to thank "My long-term sponsor Les at adams and Page, Nigel at AVO dampers, Bob at the Mini Hospital, Neil at Polestar and Richard Pulley for spannering."

Photo courtesy of Matt Woods photography

CHANNEL5 Classic Car Rescue Series 2 Episode 1
Some of you may have seen Jon on TV in the CH5 series Classic Car Rescue. Where the team rescued a Porsche 928 and brought it to our rolling road. We were all very surprised with the results. If you missed it here it is and also a small clip in which Bernie gets hands on with a very beautiful and rare classic car.

To quote Bernie talking about Jon "That guy really knows his stuff".

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

We can supply a wide range of high quality aluminium,

Water swirl pots. more...
Water header tanks. more...
Radiators. more...
Fuel swirl pots. more...
Intercoolers. more...
Oil catch tanks. more...
Drysump oil tanks. more...
Fuel tanks. more...

Differentials & Straight cut gear clusters  

We are very pleased to announce that we can now supply Differentials & Straight cut gear clusters.

One of the core motor sport transmissions the Rocket Gearbox is as popular now as ever. Straight cut close ratio kits and boxes are available in a range of ratios for whatever your needs, Including F2, Hot Rod, Grasstrack, Ovals, and Rally and Race. more...

One of the core motor sport transmissions the Rocket Gearbox is as popular now as ever. Straight cut close ratio kits and boxes are available in a range of ratios for whatever your needs, Including F2, Hot Rod, Grasstrack, Ovals, and Rally and Race. more...

Click to see more.

Based on the brilliant race proven technology of the LR1 the LR1300 benefits from,

- All new body with dramatically improved aerodynamic efficiency.
- Larger AP brakes to reduce the breaking distances still further.
- Improved engine bay cooling.

Running a standard Suzuki Hayabusa the LR1300 has proved to be very competitive lapping Silverstone National circuit in a consistent 60sec.

LR1300 body panels designed and manufactured by Lynx RC Ltd. All rights reserved.

Get your self registered for the 750MC Bike Sports Championship
The Bike-Sports Championship is for Competitors participating in “sports-racing” cars powered by series-production 4-stroke motorcycle engines; this will include two-seater cars and those with a central driving position. Bike Sports - more details

If you have a Radical PR6, Stohr DSR & Speads; Radical SR3, Radical SR4, Radical Clubsport etc then why not have a go.

Prosport / LM3000

New body molds

We now own a set of brand new mold for the Prosport / LM3000 body.
Spare parts

We can offer a comprehensive range of Prosport 3000 parts more.....
Engine & gearbox conversions available

Modified cars and insurance. Thinking of modifying or you have modified your car and are worried about car insurance get free advice here...

Pros & Cons of installing Aftermarket HIDs Thinking of upgrading your cars headlights, then read this article that gives advice on the Pros & Cons of installing aftermarket HIDs.

We are situated near, Northampton, Bedford, Newport Pagnel, Wellingborough, Daventry and Silverstone and can provide the following to our customers, Motorsport support, Engine Tuning, Performance products, A series Engines, Quick Shift & Quickshift SA (Semi Automatic transmission) Sequential gear change using steering wheel mounted Paddles, Ultra lightweight Mini Flywheel, Ignition timing programmable management systems, Fuel cells & refueling equipment, Suspension setup, Stickers/Decals & Graphics, Car hire at competitive rates, Rolling road tuning and Triumph TR6 Lucas PI fuel injection tuning.

We can supply products from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers such as, ATL, Stack, Elliot, Earls, Aerotek, Polestarsystems, MIL, Hewland, MBE, KAD, Arden, Dunlop, Yokahama, Hewland, Weber, EVANS.

We work very closely with ctms-ltd who have offices in the USA and UK.

Cars, clubs and teams that we have worked on and with include, Subaru, BMW, Caterham, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Ferrari, Austin, Rover, Zeus, Ford, GTD 40, GTD40, GT40, RML Mallock P20, Global Lights, Radical Clubsport, Ginetta, TVR Vixen, Chiron, Bintec GT Team, Prosport LM3000, Mallock K sports & MG, X Power, Yamaha R1 powered Midget, Bike engine cars, MGR1, Mini R1, Mini45, Mighty Mini, Seven, Classic Sports Car Club and Swinging Sixties, Body work supplied by Kellforms Woodmasters Ltd as used on the Retoga

We are currently competeting in the 750MC Bike Sports Series with our Yamaha R1 powered closed top 80's style GT cars the LR1 & LR1300. The space frame chassis and GRP body makes this a light weight yet strong affordable package. At a very light all up wet weight of less than 440kg a standard Yamaha R1 engine or Suzuki Hayabusa gives an impressive power to weight ratio.
As featured in Track and Race Car, Totalkitcar. Winners of the 750 MC Chapman Memorial Trophy - Greatest design achievement 2005 for the LR1

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